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This took place at Barnsley Crematorium on Wednesday, March 31st at 2pm and was conducted by Bishop Anthony. Many Masses of Requiem had been offered for Father Eric in the weeks since his death in February. Bishop Anthony travelled the day before to Kettering and stayed with Bishop Robert McBride who accompanied him next day, most kindly driving  up to Barnsley. It was very moving that so many of Father’s neighbours attended the funeral and, indeed, stood beforehand outside their houses as the cortege arrived.  By request of the ArchConfraternity, the beautiful flowers were taken, following the funeral, to the Nuns at the Catholic Convent of Holyrood, in memory of dear Eric. The Sisters used them in their floral arrangement the following day, Maundy Thursday, at their Altar of Repose in the Convent Chapel.  Bishops Robert and Anthony thank Howard and Andy, dear friends of Father Eric, for their generous invitation to lunch, following the funeral service.
Father Eric was 78 and his death is a great loss to the ArchConfraternity, and certainly to the little Mission of Saint Matthias, Barnsley Central, which Father had built up to five souls.   We extend  prayerful, loving sympathies to them in particular.    Father Eric had been a life-long Anglo-Catholic who left the Church of England over the issue of women “priests” and was received into the Traditional Roman Catholic Church which later became the ArchConfraternity of Our Lady of Victories. Throughout his working life (he was in the hotel trade, and before that in the RAF which he loved) Eric had harboured a Vocation to the Sacred Priesthood which, because of a lack of formal University education, he felt could never be realised.  Bishop Anthony and the Chapter of Advice were determined to help him, and thus he embarked upon a theological training course, geared to his personal abilities. But Eric had a lifetime’s devotion to and knowledge of the Catholic Religion and on this basis Bishop Anthony raised him to the Diaconate in 2005, at Barnsley, when Father Emilio Tundidor was also made Deacon. There was much further study before Eric was raised at last to the Sacred Priesthood at Pentecost 2009. It was a joyful culmination of a long, devoted Catholic life; and we thank Almighty God that Eric received this precious Gift before he died, and was able to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Let us all continue to pray for Father Eric as he journeys through purgatory to Jesus and Mary.  +May Saint Matthias, to whom he had great devotion, pray for him and come out to meet him!
In memory of Eric, the Mission at Barnsley will continue and Mass will be said there at intervals by various of our Clergy. It was Father Eric who donated the six High Altar candlesticks to the Hampstead Oratory in 2005, and they of course remain a permanent physical memorial to a dear friend.    +DEO GRATIAS+







This falls on Wednesday, May 12th when there will be Solemn Mass at Hampstead at 7pm, on behalf of the whole ArchConfraternity of which Saint Pancras is Secondary Patron.  During the Mass the Knights and Dames of the Order of Saint Pancras will renew their vows and we ask them all to be present to show their loyalty to the Order.   Refreshments will follow Mass.



The following day, Thursday, May 13th, is Ascension Day – and of course an Holyday of Obligation. Consult Clergy and Guardians about Mass times. So far known: Hampstead at 7pm; Abertillery at 7pm; Peterborough at 10am; Forfar at 11am; Hove at Noon; Ystradgynlais at 10am; Dundee at 3pm.


The next Holborn Mass will be on Saturday, May 15th at 1pm at our usual venue in Russell Square. Lunch and Meeting will follow the Mass and we thank dear Ruth Seagle for all she does. Will our students please make every effort to attend, as we want to discuss the continuing campaign to bring more young people into the Mission.   The last Mass was offered on April 9th, Friday in Easter Week, when twelve Faithful were present.


On the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, Father Flynn will offer Solemn Mass at Usk at 11am, again at Renee Peterson’s house. The Mass will be followed by a Bring-and-Share Lunch - then the formal Annual Parish Meeting. Will our Monmouth and Usk people please be sure to attend!  All our Monmouthshire/South Wales Faithful obviously welcome. Because of numbers for the Lunch, will you please let Renee know if you are coming. Many thanks. The last Listed Mass at Usk on Saturday, April 17th at Noon, saw twenty seven people present, including four who had driven from Cardiff.
They received the warmest of welcomes. The Mass was of Our Lady of Victories and the day concluded with Rosary and Benediction at 4pm.  Thank you, dear Renee, for your staunch commitment and loyalty.



There are so many lovely feasts in May! On Monday, May 24th we celebrate one of the great festivals of the ArchConfraternity – Our Lady, Help of Christians. This will be the main Marian Festival of the month with Solemn Mass at Hampstead at 7pm, followed by Supper. There will be a second London Mass that day at Shepherds Bush [Goldhawk Road].  Rosary & Low Mass at Noon. A new train link thankfully makes the journey from Hampstead to Shepherds Bush very much quicker!


Rt. Honourable Margaret, Baroness Thatcher,O.M.;  Lady Jane Cambell

Mr and Mrs Mistry; Jenny Rees; Rosette Irwin; Charles White; George Hepworth; Jill Emery; Tam McBride;

Shelley Breach; Linzee Hickox; Mr. Aslan (Hampstead); Marie Jones; Peter Dean; Mavis Williams (Breconshire);
Meryl Lay(Bracknell); Richard & Heike Podger; Will Malyon(Canterbury); Valerie Crombie; Jan Harper;  Elsie Davies; Nina Harper; Doris Ford; Margaret Wyatt; Gertrude Perkin; Edith Barraskell; Mike Ryan; John Carr;
Peggy Derwent(Southampton); Renata Bozonova;Father Bohuslav Smesny;Jaroslav Marel;Jirina Starkova;Jaroslav Havlicek;Sonja Trpikova;Marie Starkova(Czech Missions);Eileen Thomas;Tony Keane;Christine Pugh(Ebbw Vale) Lyndon Brain;Breda Williams(Cardiff); Brian Tidey; Brynfil Taylor; Marian James; Kate Haines; Clifford Carter;
Eileen Jones;(Abertillery);Mr.Aylesbury;Frances Duggan;Wendy Hillier;William Bard;Mrs Mason;Brian Williams;
Mrs Hopkins(Six Bells);Patrick & Irene Cornesh(Finchley);John & Mary Hart(Alton);Della Edling(Covent Garden);
John Crouch (Oxford);Mike Gould (Paddington);Norah Hughes (Dublin) Nigel Dawson;Lisa & Kath  Mitchell;Joan Rawlins;(St.Pancras);Constance Vincent(Winchester);Selina Harper;Phil O’Hare;Robin Bencard;Gordon Passmore
(Battersea);Peggy Witcombe (Blackwood, Monmouthshire);  Mrs Teresa Mitchell; James Milton; Pauline Hamilton;
Betty Baker; Ann Mocatta(Worthing);Gerald Wilson; Tom Smith; Tracy & Alex Kerr (Jersey); Netta Piotrowska;
Hanna Mlodnicka; Terence Warburton (Shepherds Bush);  Beryl Hickman; Patricia Earl-Williams (Southampton);
Christopher Biston; Pat Lane (Norwich);Ross Fraser(Dundee); Annie Evans(Usk);Sandra Cavacuiti(Golders Green);
Sheila Warr; Sylvia Wynn(Hove); Noel Clarke(Huddersfield);Linda Tillgallon; Rosemary McGagh (Bo’ness);Juliet Spicer(Edinburgh); Peter Casselton(Morden);Nigel Bunce; Peter Smith (Swindon);  Dot Unwin(Kilburn);William Owen;Tony Gross (Chelsea);Francis Hudson(Barry);Tony Banks;Jacky Tuppen;Tanya Wolfman(Brighton);Bishop Trevor Twentyman(Oxfordshire);Frank Raymond; Tim Williams (Midhurst);  Katie Dorran; Ben Catty(Finchley); Sister Tessa Fisk(Lindisfarne); Mavis Boylan(Whitehaven Cumbria);Gladys Target; Ffion Edwards; Hefyn Walters (Rhondda);Mavis Harrison;George Robins (Barnsley);Bill Barnes;Neville Line(Cambridge)Kim Morgan;John Allen (Cardiff);Christopher & Cathy Bosworth(Northampton);Sister Patricia Wade (Teddington);Gwyn Davies(Swansea);
Jim Ford(Dulwich);Faith Harper;Terry Dwyer;Mary O’Dowd; Mary Molloy(Manchester); Josie Poultney ;David Noble; Glenys Price; Maud Baskerville (Ebbw Vale); Anthony Dunlavey (Walsall); June Dunlavey (Peterborough)
Herbert & Elsie Buckingham (St.Albans); Harry Young(Glasgow);  Zdena Vychodilova; Eva Vojnova (Chrudim);    Colin Fisher(Bath);Marian Harrison; Countess Maryse-Antoinette de Goutiere; Helen Mango; Rosemary Burton; June Stubbs (Westminster); Bernard Phillips; Daveen Saywell (West Lothian)  Teresa Singleton; Bernadette Quinn (Rochdale); Eamonn Brophy (Hounslow);  Anne Costello (St. Pancras)
DO PLEASE send in names for inclusion on the Sick List, and indeed tell us to delete the names of those physically recovered in health – or those who have departed to purgatory!!  Holy Mass is offered for them all every month  +




























This falls on Sunday, May 16th, its actual day, and will be kept in our five Czech Missions and also in London. In all our other British Missions the Feast has been transferred to Monday, May 17th.     This is one of the most important solemnities in the Czech Lands.
















They are a source of real income to the ArchConfraternity, helping tremendously with the postal bill for the despatch of the monthly Notes. As we’ve already stressed: many of our older Faithful don’t have access to a computer – and thus to our Web Site – and really do rely on the “old fashioned word” as a vital means of communication. Particular thanks to all who sent stamps during January. Please send a February donation for Our Lady. Cheques should be made payable to “The ArchConfraternity of Our Lady of Victories” and sent to Bishop Anthony at the address at the top of the Kalendar  or  to Mr. Simon Gibbs, our ArchConfraternity Treasurer, at:
Gibbs & Co., Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London,EC2V.5AE.
God will bless you.    Holy Mass is offered monthly for all our benefactors.
















Father Jan Vojen telephoned recently to report on the progress at Pardubice where Masses are said in a Chapel-of-Ease, near the City centre, that seats about 70, and in a factory canteen, two evenings a week, in Pardubice Semtin, the industrial region of the City. Mass attendances have been increasing at the factory with up to thirty employees in attendance, half of whom are young men. We thank God for all that Father is doing for us. The factory Masses, although obviously in the Tridentine Rite, are usually offered in Czech.  The majority of the Pardubice Central Masses are in Latin, with the chief Sunday Mass sung solemnly at 11am. The congregation varies between forty and fifty. Many renewed thanks to the Czech Hierarchy for their  kindness and generosity in relation to the Chapel-of-Ease.


















On the Vigil of Pentecost, Saturday, May 22nd, there will be the old Pentecost Eve Ceremonies at 3pm, at Treorchy, followed by Solemn First Mass of Pentecost. Please let Glenys and Dai know if you are coming from other neighbouring Missions.  The April Listed Mass on 29th April at Treorchy, Feast of Our Lady of Good Counsel, has, at time of writing, still to take place.
































































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