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This falls on Tuesday, March 1st and is a day of Special Devotion in Wales. Consult Clergy and Guardians for Mass times. Masses known are: Rhondda at 6pm, Brecon at 11am, Cwmtillery at 11am, Hampstead at 6pm. Please pray for the Conversion of Wales to Catholic Truth.


As just said there will be Mass for Saint David on Tuesday 1st at 6pm. It will offered at Treorchy, and followed by a traditional Welsh Supper. Our other South Wales folk very welcome, but because of catering, do please let Glenys or Eve know if you are coming. There will also be Solemn Mass on Palm Sunday, 20th , at Noon, at Eve's house at Llantrisant. Again, all welcome, but do let Eve know. Thanks so much to all our Rhondda stalwarts for your loyalty, generosity and enthusiasm.


These are too many and varied to be listed here, so, as usual, please consult Clergy and Guardians, Father Flynn will cover all his usual Missions during Holy Week, and there will be Easter Masses at Brecon, Ebbw Vale and Cardigan. Please keep Father in your prayers over this very busy time; his schedule is large, and without our team of drivers very little of it would actually be possible at all!! The Mass at Rochdale on Saturday, 12th will be at Noon. It will be of Passion Sunday.


We apologise that there was no Hove Intention in February. In fact there was Mass at Portslade on Tuesday, February 16th at 2pm. We thank Mary Powell for her on-going generous support. 23 people were present, some from Worthing. The March Mass will be offered on Easter Tuesday, 29th , again at Portslade with Mrs Powell at 2pm. A late Buffet Lunch will follow. We do hope that some of the Worthing and Midhurst Faithful will come since the Mass will count as your Easter Obligation.


This falls on Saturday, March 19th , and remains, in Scotland, an Holyday of Obligation in the Old Rite. In England and Wales it is a Day of Special Devotion when we should do our best to hear Mass. For Masses consult local Clergy & Guardians.

Bishop Anthony will be returning from Budapest in the afternoon of the 19th , but there will be Solemn Mass of Saint Joseph at the Hampstead Oratory at 7pm.

Canon Harry Anson greets everyone who reads these Notes – either the paper copy or, indeed, on the Web Site. Weekday Masses at Arbroath continue regularly in the building which we rent there. The space also serves as Canon Harry's Office for his 3 Missions, and there is also a kitchen on site – useful for entertaining! Please keep Canon Harry and the Arbroath folk in your prayers. The two Friday Masses at Dundee also continue well attended, with the chief Sunday Mass, 11am at Forfar.


The February listed Mass had to be altered from Saturday, 20th to Sunday, 28th , the Third in Lent. This was on account of Bishop Anthony's Visitation to Scotland from 18th until 25th February. More of this below, under the Bo'ness Report. At time of writing, the newly arranged Mass on 28th has yet to take place. There was also Mass at Russell Square on Tuesday, February 9th at 1pm, Feast of Saint Teilo. It was followed, as ever, by a Bring-and-Share Lunch. 34 were present, including some of our Shepherds Bush people. The listed March Mass will be offered on Monday, 14th at Russell Square at 1pm. It is a Feria in Passion Week, and Mass of Passion Sunday will be sung. A suitably Lenten luncheon will follow, as will one of our regular student meetings. If our Faithful from other London Missions intend coming, do please let Ruth know! It is the day before Bishop Anthony goes for five days to Budapest where he will spend a rather special birthday!! There will also be Solemn Mass at Holborn on Easter Monday at Noon, followed by Benediction. Luckily, we know that some of our students will be in London. Magda and Eileen have promised to bring a few of our Battersea and Shepherds Bush people, so it will, hopefully, be a lovely Easter celebration – followed, of course, by a special Easter Bring-and-Share Luncheon. Please liaise with Ruth. This Mass obviously fulfils your Easter Obligation.


This Catholic Charity is a Pontifical Foundation which supports many thousands of suffering or poor Catholics (and Orthodox) around the world, particularly, at present, those in the Middle East. It is the Lent Appeal of the ArchConfraternity. If anyone wishes to make a donation, will they please make their cheque payable to ‘Aid to the Church in Need' and send it to Bishop Anthony whose address can be found at the top of the Kalendar page. We earnestly appeal for your help at this momentous time. But ACN money goes largely to assist our suffering brothers and sisters who still remain in their own countries, and face the horrors of terrible wars. Pray for them! Pray, above all, for the triumph of Christ on earth – as in heaven. +++ CHRIST ALONE MUST REIGN if ever there is to be peace! +++


Hundreds of Catholics in the United States who remain in Tradition have, over several years, been in contact, having discovered us on our Web Site. Until we find retired, traditional priests in America, there is little we can do to help! But do let us know if you wish to be associated with the ArchConfraternity - then a Certificate can be sent by email.


They are a source of real income to the ArchConfraternity, helping tremendously with the postal bill for the despatch of the monthly Notes. As we continue to stress, many of our older Faithful don't have access to a computer (and thus to our Web Site) and really do rely on the “old fashioned word” as a vital means of communication. Particular thanks to all who sent stamps during recently. Do PLEASE send a March Offering for dear Saint Joseph. Cheques should be made payable to “ The ArchConfraternity of Our Lady of Victories ” and sent to Bishop Anthony at the address at the top of the Kalendar, or to Mr. Simon Gibbs, ArchConfraternity Treasurer:

Gibbs & Co., Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London,EC2V.5AE.

God will bless you.    Holy Mass is offered monthly for all our benefactors.

Mother Angelica of the Bl. Sacrament; Lady Jane Cambell.

Mr & Mrs Mistry; Jenny Rees; ; Samantha Jackson; Daphne Ellis; Jimmy Duffy; Shelley Breach; Linzee Hickox (Hampstead) Marie Jones; Malcolm and Barbara Fouracre; Hayden Willis (Brecon) Freda Soraghan (Eltham) Meryl Lay; Frank Lay (Bracknell) Chris & Cathy Bosworth (Ammanford) Elsie Davies; Gertrude Perkin; Janina Harper; Edith Barraskell (Southampton) Alexandra Tundidor-Tungden (Barnsley) Matthew Calderwood (Wirral) Fr. Bohuslav Smesny; Judmila Navratilova; Jirina Starkova; Zdena Vychodilova; Irena Voseckova (Czech Missions) Tony Keane; Katherine Buffin; Pat Markey (Ebbw Vale) Derek Williams; John Rees (Cardiff) Anna Cavacuiti; Christine Tidey (Abertillery) Eileen Jones; Elizabeth Parr; Mary Rees (Cwmtillery) John Aylesbury; Ciss Duggan; William Bard; (Six Bells) Gee Cayley (Hove) Mary Hart (Alton) Della Edling (Covent Garden) John Baker (Swanley) John Crouch (Oxford) Neil Hedgeland; Paul O'Farrell (Edinburgh) Robert McBride (Kettering) Doug Coleman (Spain) Jill Walker (Liss) Sheena Warr (Aberdeen) Joan Rawlins (St. Pancras) Constance Vincent (Winchester ) Tony Banks (Brighton) Gillian and Robin Bencard; (Battersea) Peggy Witcombe (Blackwood) William Duncan (Worcestershire) Teresa Mitchell; James Milton; Anne Moccata (Worthing) Joanna Conrad (Warwick) Tom Smith (Chesham) Netta Piotrowska; Kevin Donnelly (Shepherds Bush) Father Robert Aird; Elizabeth Aird (Chulmleigh) Jim Ford (Chatham) Michael Callaghan; Anne Doyle (Manchester) Neal Edwards; Josie Poultney (Ebbw Vale) Anthony Dunlavey (Walsall Luke Mason (Bridgend) Timothy Williams (Midhurst) Herbert Buckingham (St. Albans) Vladimir Stursa (Chrudim) John Gardner (Helston) Yvonne Roberts (Harrogate) Marian Harrison; June Stubbs (Westminster) Bernard Phillips; Ian McKenzie (West Lothian) Kath Higginson; Phillip McNulty (Rochdale) Una Hudson (Barry) Barry Carroll (Clapham) Eileen and John Snook; Ann and Colin Ward (Coventry) Stuart Laing (Bedford) Gerald Wilson (Poole) Trudi Spare (Leicester) Clive Murphy; David Gibson (Stepney) George Hodges; Noel Clarke (Huddersfield) Shirley Kloster; Richard & Sarah Saywell (Surbiton) Dot Unwin (Kilburn) Fr. Alan Page (Usk) Hilda & Hedley Turner (Hitchin) Penelope Lamble (Hornsey) Nicholas Johnson (Chester) Marie Argyll (Gosport) Diana & George Praud (Hove) Andrew Skedd (Livingstone)

DO PLEASE send in names for inclusion on the Sick List, and indeed tell us to delete the names of those physically recovered in health – or those who have departed to purgatory!!   Holy Mass is offered for them all every month.


have asked us to pray for them. Please do!! In fact Mass is offered for everyone on the List on a regular basis. If you know of names that should be added, let us know.


Bishop Anthony made a Visitation to our people in Scotland from Thursday, 18th February until Thursday, 25th: a truly blessed and most productive week with much accomplished. The Metropolitan was met at Falkirk, Grahamston Railway Station by Fr. Leslie Saywell and Mrs Audrey Bowie, before being driven to Mrs Bowie's house for a delicious supper of welcome. Thank you, Audrey, for all your kindness, over the whole week, whilst I was with you all. Thanks specially to Fr. Leslie for his hospitality. There is sad news in that Fr. Leslie, now aged 83, has tendered his formal resignation as Parish Priest of Holy Guardian Angels. This was partly the reason for the Visitation. Our curate at Bo'ness, Fr. Norman McLeod, has been appointed as new Parish Priest. Fr. Norman is also Chaplain at Edinburgh (Waverley) Railway Station. He is a Knight in the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem, a society undertaking much good Christian work; and the ArchConfraternity has agreed that the Knights may meet at intervals at Holy Guardian Angels, and use the ancient Celtic Catholic Rite of Mass. Sunday Mass will continue to be offered in the Tridentine Rite. Fr. Leslie is moving to Hampshire to be nearer his sister and family. He will continue to be part of the ArchConfraternity and still offer Mass. The funeral of one of our staunch Bo'ness Faithful, Mr. Ian Graham, had taken place two days before the Visitation. Ian had been the Sacristan at Holy Guardian Angels. Bishop Anthony visited Ian's grave at Polmont Cemetery, and blessed and sprinkled the grave, as well as saying the old burial service. Please pray for Ian's soul; we shall all miss him, but he is freed from the misery of a debilitating and worsening lung disease. +RIP. On Monday Bishop Anthony was driven up to lovely Angus by Fr. Leslie, on a really beautiful, sunny day. We picnicked in the mountains, as we planned, before arriving at Canon Harry Anson's house where Pontifical Mass was offered at 1.30pm. It was such a pleasure to see all the “old faces” once again, and to realise how strongly they remain committed to the ArchConfraternity. +May the Saints of Scotland watch over us all, and keep us safe in the love of Jesus and Mary. Canon Harry Anson was re-confirmed as Vicar General for Scotland. There were visits also to Glasgow, Linlithgow, and Stirling Castle. A happy, spiritual week indeed.



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