+ SEPTEMBER 2017 +


... for all he does for The ArchConfraternity down in North Devon. The Chapter of Advice particularly thanks him for running The ArchConfraternity Web Site so tirelessly, faithfully, and efficiently – and over now such a long period. It now replaces the paper Notes!!


We are sorry to say that this is the last month that the Kalendar and Notes will be sent by post. There was scarcely any response to our appeal last time for donations of stamps. The Chapter has thus decided, sadly, that the traditional method of communication is no longer economically viable. The cost of postage is horrendous, beyond belief, as you all know! The monthly Kalendar will be available, in future, on our Website only, and most of you will have access to it that way.

The majority of our Missions are now producing their own monthly/fortnightly bulletins, so, in any event, the centralised system was becoming irrelevant. Far more happens in each Mission than what we have been able to report – and that, in itself, is excellent. The Traditional Kalendar of the ArchConfraternity is, as you all know, obligatory, and that will still be published and distributed on a monthly basis to priests and to the Guardians of Missions. The Chapter of Advice does understand the need for Missions to build up their own funds - but individuals who are not attached to a Mission, yet keep informing us how much they value the monthly Notes, could have been more generous! And they, regrettably, have not been!...........

The Chapter also decided unanimously that we will request an annual Quota from each Mission or Parish, and that amount will be decided amongst the Clergy and Guardians. Our people, in the places where we do have strong support, have been utterly generous in all ways. Arrangements will be made with them about future central finance.


send us an August Offering for The Immaculate Heart of Mary. Cheques payable to ‘The ArchConfraternity of Our Lady of Victories' and sent to Bishop Anthony at the address at the top of the Kalendar, or to Mr. Simon Gibbs, ArchConfraternity Treasurer, at: Gibbs & Co., Blackwell House, Guildhall Yard, London,EC2V. 5AE. Monthly Mass is said for all benefactors.


Philomena Duffy; Jenny Rees; Ron Hughes; Daphne Ellis; Mani Manasuni; Shelley & Rita Breach (Hampstead)

Meryl Lay; Frank Lay (Bracknell) Megan Edwards (Cardigan) Elsie Davies; Joan Reed; Janina Harper; Edith Barraskell (Southampton) Alexandra Tundidor-Tungden (Barnsley) Matthew Calderwood; Dai Rees (The Wirral) Fr. Bohuslav Smesny; Judmila Navratilova; Zdena Vychodilova; Irena Voseckova (Czech Missions) Stan & Mary Lipscombe (Barnsley) Katherine Buffin; Pat Markey (Ebbw Vale) Jim Morgan (Cardiff) Sylvia Foley; Christine Tidey; Brian Tidey (Abertillery) Eileen Jones; Elizabeth Parr; Mary Rees; Eileen Snook; Patricia Swift; Norman Mason (Cwmtillery) William Bard (Six Bells) Margaret Cayley (Hove) Bernadette Dolan (Solihull) Della Edling (Covent Garden) John Baker (Swanley) John Crouch (Oxford) Neil Hedgeland; Paul O'Farrell (Edinburgh) Bishop Robert McBride (Kettering) Douglas Coleman (Spain) Neil Gordon; Sheena Warr (Aberdeen) Joan Rawlins (Harrow) Constance Vincent (Winchester ) Fr. Don Coleman (Suffolk) Tony Banks (Brighton) Gillian and Robin Bencard; Kitty Davis (Battersea) Mavis Boylan (Whitehaven) Teresa Mitchell; James Milton (Worthing) Richard Conrad (Warwick) Tom Smith (Chesham) Netta Piotrowska; Ian Linman ( Shepherds Bush) Father Robert Aird; Elizabeth Aird (Chulmleigh) Jim Ford (Chatham) Jimmy O'Leary; Agnes Murphy (Manchester) Neal Edwards; Josie Poultney (Ebbw Vale) Anthony Dunlavey (Walsall) Luke Mason (Bridgend) Timothy Williams (Midhurst) Herbert Buckingham (St. Albans) John Gardner (Helston) Yvonne Roberts (Harrogate) Bernard Phillips; Ian McKenzie (West Lothian) +Francis Dunlavey (Wittering) Marie Jones (Brecon) Ann and Colin Ward (Coventry) David Bradley (Huntingdon) Trudi Spare (Leicester) George Hodges; Noel Clarke (Huddersfield) James Nowell (Yeovil) Paul Roberts (Cambridge) Dorothy Unwin (Kilburn) Fr. Alan Page (Usk) Hilda Turner; Cherrie Williams (Hitchin) Yvonne Evans (Finchley) Nicholas Johnson (Chester) Marie Argyll (Gosport) Ben Duncan (Marylebone) Andrew Skedd (Livingstone) Nick Boles , MP, (Grantham) Angela Green (Brynmawr) Robert Williams (Somerset) Ryan and Sheila Wordsworth; Jill Emery; Louise Hepburn (Hampstead) all who are mourning and bereaved.

+++Pray too please for the destruction of the evil, God-less, communist regimes that still threaten the world+++

DO PLEASE send in names for inclusion on the Sick List, and indeed tell us to delete the names of those physically recovered in health – or those who have departed to purgatory!!   Holy Mass is offered for them all every month.


The monthly Kalendar will continue on our Web Site since, obviously, it presents our total devotion, in Jesus and Mary, to the Old Rite.

Our Missions now all produce their own bulletins, and we thank GOD for what we continue to achieve and establish in Christ's sacred Name.

Thank you to all who support us in Britain, the Czech Lands, and America!


(Part of the Worldwide Family of Traditional Roman Catholics)
18 Dunboyne Road, Hampstead, London, NW3 2YY

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