The Archdiocese of Our Lady of Victories - emanates from the Roman Catholic Church through the Ancient Catholic Church of the Netherlands which, in Europe, is known as the Catholic Old Diocese of Utrecht by virtue of papal grants given by Blessed Pope Eugene III in 1145 AD and Pope Leo X in 1520AD

    Antonio Cardinal Barberini, Archbishop of Rheims, in 1667 consecrated:

    Charles Maurice le Tellier, as his Coadjutor who, in 1670, upon mandate of Pope Clement X, consecrated:

    Jacques-Benigne Bossuet as Bishop of Meaux who, in 1693, consecrated:

    Jacques Goydon de Matignon as Bishop of Condom who, on 12 February 1719, upon mande of Pope Clement XI, consecrated:

    Dominique Marie Varlet as Bishop of Ascalon (in partibus) who, on 17 October 1739, consecrated:

    Peter John Meindaerts in Utrecht, Holland, who had been elected to the vacant See of Utrecht and who, on 11 July 1745, consecrrated:

    Johannes van Stiphout as Bishop of Haarlem who, on 7 February 1768, consecrated:

    Walter van Nieuwenhuisen as Archbishop of Utrecht who, on 21 June 1778, consecrated:

    Adrianus Johannes Broekman as Bishop of Haarlem who on, 5 July 1797, consecrated:

    Johannes Jocobus van Rhijn as Archbishop of Utrecht who, on 7 November 1805, consecrated:

    Gisbertus de Jong as Bishop of Deventer who, on 24 April 1814, consecrated:

    Willibroad van Os as Archbishop of Utrecht who, on 22 April 1819, consecrated:

    Johannes Bon as Bishop of Haarlem who, on 14 June 1825, consecrated:

    Johannes van Santen as Archbishop of Utrecht who on, 17 July 1854, consecrated:

    Hermannus Heykamp as Bishop of Deventer who, on 11 August 1873, consecrated:

    Gaspardus Johannes Rinkel as Bishop of Haarlem who, on 11 May 1892, consecrated:

    Gerardus Gul as Archbishop of Utrecht who, on 28 April 1908, consecrated:

    Arnold Harris Matthew as Regionary Bishop fot England who, on 29 June 1913, consecrated:

    HRH Prince Rudolph Edouard de Landes Berghes Regionary Bishop for Scotland who, on 4 October 1916, consecrated:

    Carmel Henry Carfora as Archbishop of Canada who, on 17 June 1945, consecrated:

    Earl Anglin James as Bishop who, on 25 December 1950, consecrated:

    Grant Timothy Billet as Bishop who, on 23 October 1979, consecrated:

    Norman Richard Parr as Bishop who, on 14 July 1991, consecrated:

    Maurice McCormick as Bishop who, on 3 February 1996, consecrated:

    Carl Thomas Swaringim as Bishop who, on 19 October 1997, consecrated:

    Robert Matthew Gubala as Bishop of Rhode Island who, on 21 November 1999, consecrated:

    Andre J W Queen as Bishop of Chicago who, on 18 August 2001, consecrated:

    Anthony Earl-Williams as Bishop of St Pancras according to the Traditional Pontifical of the Holy Roman Church who, on 21 October 2006, consecrated:

    Francis Dunlavey as Bishop of Whiteladies and St. Neots according to the Traditional Pontifical of the Holy Roman Church.



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